Sunday, September 19, 2010

whoa motorcycles rule!

phil's still asleep after the lonnng ride home last night, but I wake up early no matter what like an old lady so here are a few pictures from my phone from the brooklyn invitational.

in a galaxy far, far away.. I won a super cool helmet in a raffle! awesome, right? I'm smiling really hard and you can't tell.. I'm gonna wear it when I need to look super serious.

phil talking to chopper dave.

best friends foreverrrr! you can kinda see his pan, super freak in the background. it's so badass and chopper dave was really nice.

it was a blast! there were a ton of people there, I did kinda expect more bikes than there were but I think this was only the second time they've done the brooklyn invitational. the camera battery actually made it allll day, I'm a little nervous to look at how many pictures phil took. I've got it charging right now.

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