Friday, September 24, 2010

first finished helmet!

I just used my phone to take the pictures so they're not great quality. I'm 99% done, I just gotta get Phil or my dad to help me push the fabric down a little more.. my hulk muscles just aren't cuttin it. I think I did okay since it's the first one. I learned a lot, I would've lined the seam up with the back and I'm just gonna use the padding I bought from now on. The Styrofoam is just a pain, I don't like having to use glue and I don't like how it sits. With the padding I bought, I can just sew everything to the padding itself and not worry about lining everything a million times and worrying about the glue coming loose when your head gets sweaty or something and then maybe getting in your hair. I don't know, it might not happen but.. it might! annnyway, here it is:

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