Friday, May 27, 2011

old pics

these are from my dad's friend bunky. I stole em!! cause they rule!

Monday, May 23, 2011

ride to skate 5 pics

it was super fun! and we got free stuff! we rode phil's dad's road king since the shovel wasn't done but that didn't make a difference. and I got my issue of show class and it's soo awesome!

my phone was dead all day so these are all pictures from phil's camera and one I found on facebook.

This is a picture Phil was tagged in on facebook, I dunno who took it but it's cool that we're all in it!

leaving from FDR

wes n amy when we were almost back to phil's house. we were sooo tired.

on 95.. I think!

wes and amy! amy said she didn't have any pictures of her and wes on the bike so I made sure to take as many as I could, I think this a really good one.

this was too funny. wes was having a problem with his passenger pegs and amy had never rode with her legs around wes so we made her a little cushion with all our free t-shirts we got at hopheads in a plastic bag.

I think this was from the second skate park on the way to hopheads.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Phil the Welder

phil brought his bike down to the shop to do some welding this weekend. I tried to sneak a few pictures of him!


Saturday, May 14, 2011

biker bob

this is an old pic of bob and his son eric

live fast diarrhea

my dad's choppa!

bob helping him with his 24 over springer. that's my mom's trans am in the background.

this is leggs, he was one of my dad's best friends. I always called him mr. leggs cause that's just what I called him from when I was little. Because of being exposed to agent orange, he had a lot of health problems. One of which was diabetes which resulted in him losing his leg.. but everyone called him leggs before he lost his leg haha. He was the coolest and he let me drive his car when I was little and taught me how to say spaghetti and told me not to date black guys. Unfortunately, he passed away last weekend but I think he's riding his goldwing in heaven now!

Monday, May 9, 2011

new helmet

it actually isn't glued in to the helmet yet so that's why it looks a little loose if you're thinking to yourself THAT LOOKS LOOSE AND CRAPPY, I HATE IT!! but I was excited that I finished almost the whole thing so quickly this morning and wanted to post it before I had the glue in and then had to tape it down and make it look ugly and couldn't take pictures until it dried. I also painted the helmet, it was an eagles helmet and I sanded it and primed it and painted it flat black because I was scared to paint it any other color haha and a guy I work with does vinyl so he did a bunch of moon eyes print outs for me. So those aren't stickers, they're fancy vinyl!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

makin stuff

This weekend was phil's birthday party! so we didn't go to any swap meets. Here's a few pictures.

fireworks!! out of all of these I ended up burning myself with sparklers hahah.

haha this is a pinata I made, I forgot to take a before picture. I worked on it ALL week and all it took was ONE hit from phil and it was done for. it's supposed to be a beer can. I took a video, but I haven't tried to upload it yet.

Phil enjoying his pinata candy!