Friday, November 26, 2010

corbin gentry

I think corbin gentry seats are too cool. I mean hey I know they aren't selling on ebay for like $$2305740353.99 which might be confusing for some people, but trust me, they're still cool.

I've talked Phil into buying 2 now. it's never really too hard to talk him into buying something at a swap meet haha!
I think I'm gonna ask one of the guys at the shop if I can borrow his paint gun and try to paint some of the helmets I have. it might turn out really cool annnd it might not. we'll see!

Monday, November 22, 2010

git r done

I wish I was there for this meeting. "the only thing I love more than engine combustion is my silky smooth lips"

how do I attach the lanyard?! shittt!


Sunday, November 21, 2010

harrisburg swap

it was lots of fun! and I got some secret christmas shopping done when phil wasn't looking. it seemed like everyone had a great time, I hope no one was there buying parts to sell on ebay.

if ya like it then ya shoulda put a ring on it! oh oh OH OH ohhh!

when we were leaving, this guy was loading his wheel chair up next to a guy loading his bike into a trailer that he was hauling with a mini-van. I wish I would've gotten a picture of that, but instead I snapped this one when he got in front of us on the way out.

this puppy was so funny! he didn't wanna sit on the floor so he sat on this saddle bag. look at his giant paws!

ahh I love hondas! I wish I had the money to buy this one.

I can't drive 45! the guy selling this stuff is so nice, phil bought a pretty neat kicker from him and I think some pegs too.

yeah bro!

haha! there's no seat on my nighthawk so I can sit as low as possible. bein 5 feet tall is rough!

phil on the prowl.

Friday, November 19, 2010

new lined helmet

my friend tim gave me his helmet a while ago to reline. I've been so busy lately with doing more at work and my dad got gastric bypass so he hasn't been at the shop and the days are too short to get everything done. I hate when the time changes, I'm ready for spring! I stayed after work for a while yesterday and worked on this finally.

before I cut it down. haha you can see my million different attempts at making a pattern.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

pumpkin run. lots of pictures!

wes and his choppa

my man and some giant tires

wes pushing ol grand dad phil through the junk yard

just hangin out

"the nunrunr." it came factory like this, originally made for the vatican and then the pope was like no thanks america, you can keep that dodge dart limo.. so then some nuns in kentucky were like DIBS!! so they used it to ride around the orphans and their nun pals but then they parked it in a barn and let it sit for around 15 years. then this nice guy bought it and put in the suspension from a '04 z06 and a new v10 engine from a dodge ram. it's funny coz he has a sticker that says "if I wanted a hummer, I'd ask my girlfriend" and he was saying he took his little girl to some concert and was parked with all the limos waiting for her and some lady in a big new hummer was drunk and just drove through the limo area and side swiped 6 limos and then slammed into him! there wasn't much damage and I think he said he had to put on a new hood. it's a good thing his little girl wasn't in there though! she was so cute, I bet she thinks her dad is so cool and she's right!!

so rad!

my daily driver. hahah then I had some crazy allergic reaction to whatever was on the handlebars, probably some tree sap or something. I'm gonna end up in a bubble one day! luckily I keep lots of allergy pills with me so I could keep on truckin!

what a cutie!

from nick's.


hahaha phil took this. so close, yet so far away!

oh no!

dinosaurs are attracted to wes's beard!