Friday, September 3, 2010

helmet relining part 1

haha I'm kind of posting about this in slow motion because so far I suck at it and it's kind of a pain in the ass, but it would be awesome if I got the hang of it! so I just ripped apart this taiwan ted novelty helmet so I could understand what I'm doing annnd because taking things apart is fun.

yeahh, best idea ever. what a shame to waste it.

the inside.

so, I just kinda started poking around and I jammed a knife down the side of the helmet just to see how far the material was pushed down and after tugging on it a few times, I actually ripped all the guts out! sometimes I forget how huge my muscles are. as you can see, the padding is secured with some packing tape. I know, way too technical. sorry, just try to follow along the best you can..

and the padding is glued to the styrofoam. well, I want the padding off so I can make a pattern from it and I don't wanna mess everything up, so I sat with a razor blade and tried to separate the glued padding from the styrofoam as neatly as I could.

I know it looks sloppy, but I mean.. it's glue and styrofoam!

the empty helmet!

I cut the padding at the seam and started to make a pattern. I'm really not the best at explaining an idea, so.. I'll just keep uploading pictures. I found a few tutorials online about relining the fabric, but I'm actually trying to figure out how to reline everything. everyone else can keep wearing those made in taiwan biltwells in the mean time!

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