Sunday, September 12, 2010

hot rod hoedown in philly

well first of all, richie pan's blog is so cool!

alright so the hoedown.. it was cool, phil took a lot of pictures but I left my camera cord at his house. I'm sure he'll post a few. there were a few reallly awesome gassers and one old van which is cool. the cars were awesome and I try to only talk shit to people that already know I'm a dick, but I really get annoyed when I see some asshole with like 5 grand worth of tattoos and who knows how much money invested in his super hip outfit and his car he paid someone else to build and he doesn't know how to fucking maneuver the thing coz hey who'da thunk it.. cars didn't always come with power steering and power brakes? and everyone walks around like oh shit, I'm too cool to actually look at anything because I see cool shit like this everyday! this is nothin to me! well then hey, get out of my way coz I'm not that cool and I wanna look at shit. usually I wouldn't go on about it, but it was just overflowing with douchebaggery. not saying I wouldn't go back, the museum alone was cool enough to make up for all of that. and the ride there was great and we only made one u-turn. all in all, A+++++ WOULD ATTEND AGAIN!!!

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