Tuesday, November 29, 2011

oh hey scanned pics

this is dave from the shop, I wish he kept his hair like this.
jimbo, he has less hair now too.
my dad. he has the best 90's hair of all.. it's a flat-top WITH a pony tail. sometimes he'd just wear it down, sometimes in the multiple pony tail holder look.
nevada, I'm pretty sure
don in the wind
everyone is wondering where the fingers on don's gloves went
my dad in the wind
ted, the funniest man in the world. one time he knocked over a whole row of pagans bikes at a bar, obviously by accident.
superglide john and his little girl.
scott loves a lady with a tail
the gun show just started
I thought this picture was like a 4 on the funny scale, but then I read the sign and it bumped it up to a 6.
hahaha "dreamy"

scott, my dad, biker bob and I don't know who the other two people are.
the only truck that's ever fallen off a lift at the shop
nobody got hurt, it just had dave pinned
me and my little sister riding a camel!
the reason I posted this is mostly so phil can see it. I told him I had a picture of me and my sister on a camel and a wooly mammoth. then, phil laughed at me for a long time because I said wooly mammoth instead of elephant.