Monday, August 30, 2010

lee's wedding

me and phil didn't really do too much this weekend, he's been really busy with the shovel and I just wanted him to relax and eat lots of food! so he did. we did ride with my dad and his friends up to lee's wedding saturday morning. lee has been a good friend of my dad's since I can remember, his former wife passed away in 2009. I'm sure it must've been difficult starting all over again with someone new, but that's what makes it exciting. good for you, lee! plus it was a super short ceremony and the ride down to dundalk was awesome.

lee and dusty tyin the knot!

superglide john and don discussing those hot dogs at friendly's on the senior discount menu. just kidding, that's probably not true. that hot dog just looks so unappealing though. anyway, they're old.

my handsome man!

just a picture phil took of me. I always look super short when he takes pictures of me coz he's so tall and I'm so small. sometimes people stare..

haha the back of don. it's his good side anyway.

dave from the shop. his wife met up with us later.

the back of phil's helmet and my dad in front on his heritage.

my dad loves when you make fun of fat tire bikes. if you ever meet him, that's the first thing you should do.

Friday, August 27, 2010

then and now..

just cruisin..

me and my dad.

FLASH ohhhhh-ohh he'll save everyone of us! this was at daytona bike week.

indian larry ain't got nothin on me. backwards helmet and no hands. and that's right, I ain't runnin no front brakes.

and me now, as an adult. obviously things have really gone downhill.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

old pictures: daytona bike week (post 3)

hahah my dad being like YESS I LOVE CATALOGSSS!

I don't know what happened, but my dad probably did it.

my dad's friend billy.

my mom and dad, uncle peyton, my gramma annnd I think my aunt madeline.

my dad and his friend billy in the sidecar.

my mom and my great uncle peyton, he still has that badass moustache. I think he has a goldwing now.

my grandpa with hazel kolb, here's a link about her if you don't know who she is. it's worth checking out, she's not your average motorcycle gramma!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

old pictures: daytona bike week (post 2)

I've got more to post but I'm exhausted. I'm even too tired for sassy captions. I'll finish all this in the morning.

old pictures: daytona bike week

haha so I forgot to grab some pictures before I left for work this morning, but luckily there's a file drawer full of pictures at the shop! these are mostly early 80's bike week.


my grandpa.

Monday, August 23, 2010

the weekend

me and phil went up to the HD (yeah, brother) near west chester, I think it's called smaltz but don't quote me and then the monster meet.

phil bought a decent amount of stuff, he has a serious peg problem and I thinnnk he only bought one pair. that I saw, anyway. and he got a super cool king and queen seat, but it's for a rigid frame. I thought it might still fit on the shovel.. but I was wrong. so I spent the rest of my saturday crying. OHH how I love you, king and queen seats!! I should mention phil keeps telling me it's a cobra seat, but I ain't tryna hear it! it looks more like a king and queen to me. maybe it can go on the sportster :''(

it was raining at the monster meet and the whole mood of the place was rainy too. it was really quiet even though there was a decent amount of people. ahaha phil was glad, that way there's more parts for him! HAW HAW! he bought a few small things and I just wandered around like a hungry hobo lady in the rain :( and then we left and ate lotsa mexican food and ice cream. YESSS!

anyway, here's a few pictures from the weekend.

I tried to take a picture of me AND phil, but only got his shoulder.

whoa, phil! get outta that air cleaner! haha the guy that built this bike was there and it's from this really awesome shop that I can't find the link to! phil will find it later, I'm sure. it's like a mini-nick's from what I hear.

this is my puppy dog, trigger. I felt like I should put up a picture of him since I put up a picture of this super cute bulldog. I don't want him to get jealous.

holy crap LOOK AT THAT FAAAACE! these dogs are super stubborn, though. but LOOK AT THAT FAAAACE!

I (oh and this belonged to a guy missing his right arm so he had a lot of really cool modifications done to it)



but wait.. isn't it spelled bikER? and is it chic or chick? wow, this cosmetic line really appeals to my rough and alternative side while still fulfilling my womanly desire to look polished and refined. thanks, bika chic!

realllly? I mean really.

look at my daddy long legs, so handsome!

that's all. I promise to post some cool old pictures tomorrow.