Wednesday, September 29, 2010

just birthday weekend pictures

I'll post some cool bike stuff later. right now I wanna talk about CUPCAKESSSS!! haha here's some pictures from my birthday weekend. phil keeps telling me I have presents that aren't here yet and my friend renee got me a huge poster of Dwight from The Office.

the ice cream cake phil got me, along with the best cupcakes everrr. that heart is a one-off custom ahaha but phil let me know he did NOT do it himself. he totally did.. all this time I thought he was out in the shed working on his bike, he was actually out there practicing his icing hearts.

phil's long hair, he's had long hair for 10 years. he cut the sides I think maybe 2 years ago, I'm not exactly sure, but he's basically alwayyys had long hair. (in a HOTW shirt)

but he asked me to cut it friday night before my birthday. luckily for him, I'm a jack of all trades and have my cosmetology license! is there anything I can't do?!

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