Tuesday, September 7, 2010


as soon as I finish sewing (never), I'll get back to scanning pictures. I think I've gotten the hang of relining helmets, Phil helped me find a lot of helpful websites. practice makes perfect so that's what I've been doing! and stabbing my fingers with this stupid needle. I need a thimble or little asian women to sew for me.

me and phil went up to ephrata, PA for first sunday. it was fun, but I think the ride to and from was the best part about it to be honest. riding with phil is my favorite thing in the whole world! I'm not sure the shovel will be done by my birthday, but it should be done for the Ride for Lightning and he said I could ride with him on that so I'm reallly super excited. and it starts on the 15th of october which will be one year clean for me on that day, what better way to celebrate? and I don't know if it's silly to be excited about this or not, but that's also 6 months that me and phil have been together on the 15th. It doesn't really matter how long we've been together, all that matters is that we stay together. he's just so wonderful, it's hard not to be a little sappy about it!

I'll post helmet pictures and old scanned pictures tomorrow!

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