Wednesday, September 29, 2010

kidney belt!

I went to my grandparents and my grandpa gave me this kidney belt and my gramma gave me a sweet card and some $$$! I can't believe this kidney belt, this is so awesome.

I'm gonna wear it all the time! even on my nighthawk. hey, it gets rough on the hawk.

just birthday weekend pictures

I'll post some cool bike stuff later. right now I wanna talk about CUPCAKESSSS!! haha here's some pictures from my birthday weekend. phil keeps telling me I have presents that aren't here yet and my friend renee got me a huge poster of Dwight from The Office.

the ice cream cake phil got me, along with the best cupcakes everrr. that heart is a one-off custom ahaha but phil let me know he did NOT do it himself. he totally did.. all this time I thought he was out in the shed working on his bike, he was actually out there practicing his icing hearts.

phil's long hair, he's had long hair for 10 years. he cut the sides I think maybe 2 years ago, I'm not exactly sure, but he's basically alwayyys had long hair. (in a HOTW shirt)

but he asked me to cut it friday night before my birthday. luckily for him, I'm a jack of all trades and have my cosmetology license! is there anything I can't do?!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

more pictures. mostly 70's.

my grandparents.

my grandpa and uncle mike.

haha my grandpa and bill thomas. I think that guy is even taller than phil.

uncle wayne, my dad, and my cousin travis.

my aunt susie and I think some people from church.

before a ride, I think this is in front of state farm.

haha my gramma, uncle mike and uncle fred.

my gramma.

my dad, gramma, uncle mike and dennis

my dad. that TV is still in my grandparents basement.

my dad on wayne's bike

my dad lookin tough with his pepsi and uncle mike

my dad.. and some creepy babies

my dad

my gramma

my grandparents.

haha that's my dad on the floor, I think this was after christmas morning.

mike's barracuda

this picture of my dad is hilarious, check out that sweet honda belt buckle!




Saturday, September 25, 2010


uncle wayne's bike

haha the only motorcross my dad ever did. I have no idea which one is him.

the family hondas, my uncle mike and my dad.

I think this was my uncle wayne's

my grandpa.

haha my grandpa again.

uncle cub on my gramma's honda

so I'm officially 23! it's pretty exciting so far. phil took me to this breakfast buffet at the truck stop near his house which I lovvvve, then to the mutter museum in philly where we saw a bunch of brains, disfigured conjoined twins, a jar full of skin, a huge colon full of poop, I could go on.. ahaha it was the first time I heard phil say "I'm kinda tired of looking around". it was awesome, too bad they don't let you take pictures. and then we went to the best mexican restaurant, I wish I could remember the name but it's right near pat's and uhhh geno's or gino's, whatever - the other cheesesteak place. thennnn! to the BEST cupcake place, it's called sas cupcake.. right around main street in newark, DE I think, I don't know, I don't know a lot about delaware. haha but anyway! my gramma rules, she scanned a bunch of pictures and put them on a CD for me. thanks gramma! she's better with computer than any asian kid.

Friday, September 24, 2010

first finished helmet!

I just used my phone to take the pictures so they're not great quality. I'm 99% done, I just gotta get Phil or my dad to help me push the fabric down a little more.. my hulk muscles just aren't cuttin it. I think I did okay since it's the first one. I learned a lot, I would've lined the seam up with the back and I'm just gonna use the padding I bought from now on. The Styrofoam is just a pain, I don't like having to use glue and I don't like how it sits. With the padding I bought, I can just sew everything to the padding itself and not worry about lining everything a million times and worrying about the glue coming loose when your head gets sweaty or something and then maybe getting in your hair. I don't know, it might not happen but.. it might! annnyway, here it is:

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

steve bonge

he's so dreamy! haha, I don't really know if I'm late on finding out he's cool or what.. who cares. anyway, he was at the brooklyn invitational with a really awesome collection of photography. Phil asked him if he was planning to put out a book and he said he would after he gets all his stuff organized. who knows how long that could take, I can't imagine how many cool pictures he has.

also, I'm sick! I think I'm gonna have to go to one of those express care places so my awesome birthday weekend isn't ruined. shiiiiit!

Monday, September 20, 2010

couple more brooklyn invitational pics

just a few more..

haha trying to make my way through everyone with my fancy new helmet.