Sunday, September 26, 2010

more pictures. mostly 70's.

my grandparents.

my grandpa and uncle mike.

haha my grandpa and bill thomas. I think that guy is even taller than phil.

uncle wayne, my dad, and my cousin travis.

my aunt susie and I think some people from church.

before a ride, I think this is in front of state farm.

haha my gramma, uncle mike and uncle fred.

my gramma.

my dad, gramma, uncle mike and dennis

my dad. that TV is still in my grandparents basement.

my dad on wayne's bike

my dad lookin tough with his pepsi and uncle mike

my dad.. and some creepy babies

my dad

my gramma

my grandparents.

haha that's my dad on the floor, I think this was after christmas morning.

mike's barracuda

this picture of my dad is hilarious, check out that sweet honda belt buckle!




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