Tuesday, September 14, 2010

helmet relining 101

I've really abused this poor liner the past week or two and I think I pretty much got the hang of what I'm doing. I bought this stupid handheld sewing machine by singer thinking it would be easier to maneuver, but that thing was a waste of money. so 90% of this was hand sewn, but I have another bigger sewing machine so I just need to find a good spot for it. anyway, it's not done.. the black needs to be lined one more time and I need to glue the fabric down, but I'm waiting because I think I found a foam I like and I might use that instead. I'm sure it'll take me another week or so to decide coz I end up re-doing everything a million times. yeah so anyway.. pictures.

the first part of the padding.. I just glued the fabric a little before I sewed

second part.

folded over the side

ta-dah! I'm gonna use some of that quick-hem stuff to cover the stitches on the bottom that you can see annnd obviously I'm gonna use the 3m super 88 spray to glue it to the actual helmet. I'm hoping it comes out really cool! the true test comes when phil lets me line his 'coz nobody pays more attention to detail than him and it has to be perfect coz he's my hunka hunka burnin love!

oh this is unrelated and I'm sure nobody pays attention to the mundane crap that I post, but remember how I said I was allergic to milkshakes? well I'm not! I went to phil's allergy doctor and they did the whole allergy test thing and I'm not allergic to milk at all, it's CORN that was making me sick! I guess eating sweets like milkshakes and all that with the high fructose corn syrup was just too much for me in my old age. I tried to snap a picture of the second part of the allergy test coz it was gross. check out the top one! it looks like it's gonna ooooooze. ahaha and I look really sad about being itchy.


  1. Thats a crazy reaction. happened to me once when i had dominos.

  2. it's bullshit! domino's tastes like farts, I don't care how many sincere apology commercials they make.