Saturday, September 25, 2010


uncle wayne's bike

haha the only motorcross my dad ever did. I have no idea which one is him.

the family hondas, my uncle mike and my dad.

I think this was my uncle wayne's

my grandpa.

haha my grandpa again.

uncle cub on my gramma's honda

so I'm officially 23! it's pretty exciting so far. phil took me to this breakfast buffet at the truck stop near his house which I lovvvve, then to the mutter museum in philly where we saw a bunch of brains, disfigured conjoined twins, a jar full of skin, a huge colon full of poop, I could go on.. ahaha it was the first time I heard phil say "I'm kinda tired of looking around". it was awesome, too bad they don't let you take pictures. and then we went to the best mexican restaurant, I wish I could remember the name but it's right near pat's and uhhh geno's or gino's, whatever - the other cheesesteak place. thennnn! to the BEST cupcake place, it's called sas cupcake.. right around main street in newark, DE I think, I don't know, I don't know a lot about delaware. haha but anyway! my gramma rules, she scanned a bunch of pictures and put them on a CD for me. thanks gramma! she's better with computer than any asian kid.

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