Thursday, August 19, 2010

more old pictures and our beach trip

craaazy! I think my grandpa just took a picture of this trike at work.

haha my grandpa. he's so snazzy!

the same trike.

this is the inside of some van, my dad called it the passion wagon when I showed him the picture sooo I didn't really ask anymore about it.

my gramma, she was totally wild.

I can't sleep and the last episode of law and order is coming on before paid programming. I wish there was just a law and order channel. how can you get enough of these dedicated detectives who investigate such vicious felonies?! (...they're members of an elite squad known as the special victims unit.. THESE ARE THEIR STORIES!)

here's just a few pictures from the short trip me and phil took.

one of the ponies that was tryin to steal everyone's food.

this little boy watched me pee in the wal-mart parking lot at 3 in the morning.

just a picture I took with my phone but it looks super pretty.

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