Thursday, August 19, 2010

the last of the first album

haha this picture of my dad is so funny to me. all the old pictures of him, he's hardly ever smiling. and his shirt says "my body is a finely tuned instrument of destruction".

this is just a picture of my dad's friend gary on christmas.

my uncle mike's barracuda

hahaha holy fiberglass! corvette-wagon.

just a trump my grandpa must've liked.

it's cool people dig these old pictures! I just started scanning them because me and my boyfriend were trying to find pictures of my dad's cb-750 and realized there's literally boxes of old pictures like this. I'm surprised they're still in good condition.

annyway, I'll keep postin em!


  1. my instrument of destruction needs a tune-up. i'll bring it in soon

  2. really? your instrument of destruction seems juuussst fine to me! haha, I wish it was 5 already I miss you miss you miss you!