Monday, August 30, 2010

lee's wedding

me and phil didn't really do too much this weekend, he's been really busy with the shovel and I just wanted him to relax and eat lots of food! so he did. we did ride with my dad and his friends up to lee's wedding saturday morning. lee has been a good friend of my dad's since I can remember, his former wife passed away in 2009. I'm sure it must've been difficult starting all over again with someone new, but that's what makes it exciting. good for you, lee! plus it was a super short ceremony and the ride down to dundalk was awesome.

lee and dusty tyin the knot!

superglide john and don discussing those hot dogs at friendly's on the senior discount menu. just kidding, that's probably not true. that hot dog just looks so unappealing though. anyway, they're old.

my handsome man!

just a picture phil took of me. I always look super short when he takes pictures of me coz he's so tall and I'm so small. sometimes people stare..

haha the back of don. it's his good side anyway.

dave from the shop. his wife met up with us later.

the back of phil's helmet and my dad in front on his heritage.

my dad loves when you make fun of fat tire bikes. if you ever meet him, that's the first thing you should do.

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