Sunday, April 3, 2011

this is phil singing for Eph Tradition. his friend that passed away was the lead singer, so Phil isn't the usual front man but I think he did AMAZING! hahaha maybe I just can't resist a man singing about how he loves fat bitches! haha everyone scattered when he got in the crowd, I tried to avoid him smashing into me since I was trying to record but he still got beer in my eyes and threw biscuits at me. What a dreamboat! I don't mind, I'm just happy he didn't puke.

This is Phil playing with the Barons, he plays the drums.

The Barons again.

I drove Phil home around 3 last night, didn't get to sleep until around 4, then we woke up a few hours later for the Kundratic swap meet. I was soo tired and Phil was a little hungover, but he still made out really well. He got a new front end, duck bill fender, JR pegs, the new lowside issue and a cut-rate shirt. Not bad!

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