Friday, April 1, 2011

fixin phil's fulmer

well, I kinda forgot to take pictures of it from the very beginning. the center piece was messed up too.

and the strap was messed up.


all better! nothing too spectacular, but phil really liked this helmet so I'm glad I got to fix it for him. I would like to point out there is a tiny glue smudge on the center pad because I know he's gonna notice it anyway haha!

I don't know who reads this that's local to us besides my family and my friend Tim, but this is very important to Phil and his other friends that were close to DJ and if anyone can make it, please come out. I'll be wandering around by myself because Phil will be playing with two bands that night, so don't feel weird if you don't know anyone else there. You can come find me!

I hope everyone is enjoying April Fool's Day! I'm on a roll like butta at work. This is one of my favorite days!!

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