Tuesday, March 15, 2011

daytona pictures part 3

I think this is the last of my daytona pictures!

in front of the wall of death at the iron horse. this was right before david allan coe so we didn't get to check it out, but I want to next year! my dad said you can hold out a dollar and they'll grab it from you when they ride by. exciting!

a better picture of david allan coe thanks to phil's long arms.

hahaha billy looks so irritated by this thing.


I stole this from the death science blog. we got to meet up with benji and check out some flat track races and then he needed a sleeping bag..


phil was actually trying to take a picture of him asleep in my helmet haha.

my tangerine dream!

look at that crazy seat!

the things people think of!


  1. This walmart has a green sign, which means no sleeping bag for benji... I had a blast with ya guys, we need to hook up again soon! oh and i never collected that helmet!

  2. I'm probably gonna start lining that helmet tomorrow, if you still want it text me and lemme know what you want it lined with because I'm about to go fabric shopping as soon as I leave work.