Monday, March 14, 2011

bike week pictures part 2

david allan coe playing at the iron horse

spikey silver hair!
spikey blonde hair!
what I finally found out is this ridiculous hair I like taking pictures of is actually just a silly hat! and phil knew all along and didn't tell me! I probably should've just acted like I knew all along, but I mean how would I know that these guys were buying weird hat wigs?! but now that I know, I think that it kinda makes it even weirder. are they wearing it as a joke? I'm so confused..

haha this one place let you sit on the bikes and take pictures.
at the limpnickie lot

I just took this picture of phil talking to this guy on a cool bike.

and then my phone made it look even cooler!
the frame for phil's mom's ironhead that we found at the limpnickie lot
billy and phil chatting about having long legs and being able to walk faster than me.
this is from south of the border in NC/SC.
from one of the outside bar places. boothill maybe.
white alligators! they were so pretty, they don't even look real. this was from Silver Springs.

on a giant jack rabbit at south of the border.
haha phil was SO happy!

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