Sunday, October 31, 2010

nick's, kundratic swap

man you can't get any sleep around phil! I gave up around 6. luckily there's tons of great movies on!

so we went to nick's cycle yesterday, phil got the coolest wassell tank and regulator. then while we were looking for a cap for it, an anderson peg just fell outta the pile! and then some really rad old harley belt buckles! nick's is so fun, I love when he's like "yeah, just go look" and gives phil a flashlight and tape measurer. when we were up on the second floor of the yellow building, I squeezed around the jungle of frames and tried to take some pictures of downstairs. there's old 45's and craaazy panhead choppers and just.. everything! it's so cool. we've been there a bunch of times but it's always more fun every time. if you haven't gone, go check it out ASAP!

in about an hour we're leaving for the kundratic swap meet. right now phil's sleeping happily in bed where he stole all the blankets AND PILLOWS from me, so I'm about to rain on his parade. it's motorcycle o'clock and time's runnin out!

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  1. Thats got be so rad snoopin around thru piles of old bike shit. Have fun at the swap meet!