Monday, October 11, 2010

more scanned pictures.. some personal favs.

so the cut rate party was a good time and we went to johnny rad's afterward. I don't know if phil took many pictures, I wouldn't dare touch his camera after sunday morning. we spent saturday at nick's cycle up in jersey and we've been there plenty of times and we have tons of pictures from there, but phil was taking specific pictures of frames to figure out this floor board loop situation that has been bothering him for at least a few weeks. well, sunday morning, I woke up super early and was cleaning and doing laundry and I was like hey I'll be helpful, I'll upload these pictures for phil. yeah, I deleted them all. allll of them. pictures of stuff he had done in the shed, all the pictures from nick's.. I mean nick had him looking all over the place which is always crazy coz all those buildings are packed. I feel so stupid for doing that. I bought him a nice present that should show up at his house in a few days though! anyway.. pictures!

my real mom

hey, why the long face? hahah and I love the chick in the new balances has the most money.

hahahah I think this picture made me laugh the hardest. it just looks like such an uncomfortable situation.

ted, george, superglide john, lee and mary. mary passed away not too long ago.

like two pringles hugging ohhh yessss ;)

my real dad

ahaha I just scanned this coz my face is like "oh holy shit!"

the tank says it all

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