Monday, May 23, 2011

ride to skate 5 pics

it was super fun! and we got free stuff! we rode phil's dad's road king since the shovel wasn't done but that didn't make a difference. and I got my issue of show class and it's soo awesome!

my phone was dead all day so these are all pictures from phil's camera and one I found on facebook.

This is a picture Phil was tagged in on facebook, I dunno who took it but it's cool that we're all in it!

leaving from FDR

wes n amy when we were almost back to phil's house. we were sooo tired.

on 95.. I think!

wes and amy! amy said she didn't have any pictures of her and wes on the bike so I made sure to take as many as I could, I think this a really good one.

this was too funny. wes was having a problem with his passenger pegs and amy had never rode with her legs around wes so we made her a little cushion with all our free t-shirts we got at hopheads in a plastic bag.

I think this was from the second skate park on the way to hopheads.

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